Global Trade "Primarily US Lumber Export" & International Logistics

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Over 25 years of successful, extensive and an International/Multi-cultural diverse background in Management, International Trade, Strategy, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Construction, Risk Management, Benchmarking, Accounting and Business Consulting.

History and Company Profile of Zarak Group:

Prime Investments and Services was established in November 2001 as a two tier company, first tier providing Business Consulting Services and the second Tier providing Cell Phone and "VOIP-Voice over Internet Protocol" Services in Dallas Texas

The Telecommunication side soon expanded in the Dallas Metropolitan Area to 15 locations, however the sales took a deep plunge due to market conditions in 2004 and the company filed for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in August 2005. 

The Business Consulting continued and further tiered into Risk Management, Mortgage Brokerage, Business Consulting and Tax Services. Though the Company was deeply shaken by the 2008 Mortgage crisis but survived, and in 2010, it received numerous awards from Mortgage Banks and Insurance Carriers and was rated as one of the top brokerages in the State of Texas. In addition, the company enjoyed the appreciation of thousands of its Business and Individual clients Nationally

In 2012, Zarak Builders and Developers (pvt) Ltd. was established. The Company started providing Real Estate Consulting and Construction Services in Pakistan. The company specialized in low cost homes and due to high demand of lumber for construction, the company started Importing lumber from the United States

Soon afterwards, Zarak Inc. DBA "The Lumber Company" was established in United States exporting lumber from the United States to Pakistan and World Wide. 

In 2014, Zarak International Logistics was established in Ajman, United Arab Emirates as a supporting entity to handle the shipping and logistics needs of the company

In 2016, Zarak Wood Factory was established in the Capital Territory of Pakistan, Islamabad providing Dimensional Wood, Ready Doors, Furniture and other Wood products to the local market. 

Most recently, in 2018, Zarak Group has started conducting consumer surveys to finalize a product design for its Branded Locks, Door Latches and Door Hinges for mass production to be distributed to a niche market in United States, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.


Zarak Group's Business Philosophy:

Zarak Group deals primarily in the Export of US Lumber across the globe. However, if you have a product or service to sell or you need a product or service from anywhere across the Globe, we are here to help you conduct Business beyond borders. Zarak Group will bridge your business transaction end to end, including getting the Buyer and Seller together, Logistics, Customs Clearance, Trade Finance and Managing Risk as long as it passes three tests:

(1) Is it Legal
(2) Is it Ethical
(3) Is it mutually Profitable for all three parties, 


(1) The Exporter 
(2) The Importer and 
(3) Zarak Group.

In simple terms, We at Zarak Group ,

(1) Formulate 
(2) Facilitate 
(3) Negotiate your "International Trade"